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Mod Manager

Download the mod manager for quick and easy mod management


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Modkist is a mod manager for Zeepkist, created by Thundernerd. It makes it easy to download mods by just subscribing to them in the Modkist Program. It can also be used to download other files, like blueprints for the "Level Editor Blueprints" mod. Modkist uses mod.io so anyone can upload mods or other files.

How to install Modkist

  1. Download the "Modkist.zip" file from the Modkist GitHub.
  2. Right click the zip file and click "extract all"
  3. In the extract menu, choose a location to save the Modkist folder. Do NOT extract the archive into your Zeepkist folder! This will most definitely break the game. You should not leave this as the downloads folder because it could be hard to find, and could be automatically deleted by windows to clear up space. Some good places to put it are the desktop, or the documents folder.
  4. Run "Modkist.exe"

Running Modkist the first time

On the first run Windows tells you that the file might be unsafe. This is due to Modkist being an infrequently used program outside the system of Microsoft. If you don't trust this warning, you can download the source code from github and compile it yourself.

The first run you might be asked for the Zeepkist location. The default location will usually be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zeepkist

but this depends on where you have installed the game. If you are unsure where you have installed the game, you can right-click Zeepkist in your Steam library and select "Manage" -> "Browse local files".

How to install mods with Modkist

  1. Run Modkist.exe. Make sure Zeepkist is closed when running Modkist, because it might have trouble editing the game files if you are currently using the game files.
  2. Find any mods or files you want to download, and click the subscribe button.
  3. Start Zeepkist using the "Start Zeepkist" button inside Modkist

This will install all the mods you are subscribed to. After they are installed you can open the game through steam normally and your mods will still work. Modkist is only required for the initial download or update of mods.


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Cameron9127 @cameron9127

this doesnt make sense and im confused i dont know how to open the mod manager with zeepkist

horizon1661721768 @horizon1661721768

open the modkist exe